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If you are a member of Jagex LTD please not that our programmers did all the coding of the source and we did NOT steal any of Jagex's property.

If you wish to cause us trouble you are welcomed to meet us in court. We will not shut down/close the server just because you wish so.

We do NOT sell or buy runescape accounts. So if you got an report because of that just tell me who did and I'll resolve the matter in a way or another.

Thank you,
MapexScape's Team

P.s: The cause people are playing our server is because we are original in our own way and that they won't play runescape again.

If you are not a Runescape member just follow these rules:

1. Do not ask Team members for spot positions, apply on the forum instead.
2. Do not Advertise porn sites or whatever perverted things.
3. You can swear/curse on the forums, we have an censoring system that is updated daily.
4. Do not Flame.
5. Respect the other players and help them if needed.
6. Do not start bragging about the graphics if you are on the webclient. The Beta client is the thing that will fix your problems.

Additional info:

We are going to release a Donation section. We are in bad need of money so we can keep the server up and running. There will be rewards in-game only!

You need to read this before posting.

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You need to read this before posting.

Post  Dave on Tue Jan 19, 2010 4:04 am

Answer this:

1. Where do you do your main editing? In which file?

2. Where are you better? Client side or server side?

3. My source can't find a symbol. What do I have to do?

4. I am getting 100 Errors. What should I do?

5. I want to add more npcs and drops, where should I look? (I want a full directory + code)

6. I have this code:

if (command.startsWith("varrock") {
triggertele(3217, 3424, 0)
sM("Welcome to shiny Varrock!");

Fix it.

If you reply to this you are good. If you reply to the next question you are even better.

Bonus question:

I'm using booleans and my code doesn't work, what did I do wrong?

chatTextEffects = inStream.readUnsignedByteS();
chatTextColor = inStream.readUnsignedByteS();
chatTextSize = (byte)(packetSize-2);
if(muted == False) {
sM("You can't talk because you are muted, appeal on the forums.");
else if (muted == True) {
inStream.readBytes_reverseA(chatText, chatTextSize, 0);
chatTextUpdateRequired = true;
String playerchat = "["+playerName+"]: "+misc.textUnpack(chatText, packetSize-2)+"";
"+misc.textUnpack(chatText, packetSize-2));

Note: I know the answers to all this questions, I can code by myself so don't try and trick me.

I put some questions that can't be found on google so don't try it.

Good luck!


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