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Wildyrome / mod.

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Wildyrome / mod.

Post  wildyrome on Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:28 pm

In-game user name:Wildyrome

How old are you?:15 years young, very mature.

Why should you become a moderator?: Im expecting to become a moderator , but i know im capable of being a moderator for this server , not being cocky it's just that i know im a nice guy and is there to help out 100% of the time.
And im aware that the moderator spots maybe full, but as time progresses there will be an availible moderator spot, and overall everyone might know who i am, easy to get along with, put players first, i don't want to just be known for being a chill guy, i want to be know as someone who takes moderating a server seriously, i've been playing private servers 1-2years, pking is fun yeah, but i've pked enough, i only wish to help people , but i wouldn't mind pking now and then.

List previous experience:I've been Forum Moderator, and Ingame moderator for, it closed (lazy owner), the forum has been remade but thanks to that lazy owner he hasn't put up a client download. Head forum moderator, Ingame Admin, The Host was a complete childish idiot, and abused by talking down to most players & staff, so me and the Co owner let him know how much of a ??? he was, so he refused to host, and changed our banner and link to the rival server banner & link. Ingame Admin, No one plays this anymore, this was something that was supposed to be v2 with diffrent host of Co owner, server didn't have enough daily players to moderate, sometimes no one. Ingame Admin/Mod Forum Moderator Still up but coders cannot fix anything right, only worried about spawning themselves stuff, making them look "cool".

There was one more server i was ingame moderator in but can't seem to remember.

As i said before,i'm looking to become moderator because i just started, i just know im capable of becoming a moderator for the server, and overtime you will see me helping out, no conflicts with anyone, and being friendly as can be


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Re: Wildyrome / mod.

Post  Dave on Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:25 pm

this server is closed atm, we don't think we will open it again.


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